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Winners of the Generation Letter Free Album Download

Thanks for the encouraging comments many of you left on my last post. I love to do what I can to support bands that are committed to theologically solid, gospel-centered modern worship songs. Sounds like a lot of you feel the same way. To pick the winners of the free album download I used a random number generator, knowing of course, that, “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is  from the LORD” (Prov. 16:33). Here’s who won: Michael King Josh (your email contains three colors) Terry Stauffer Jeff (from Dundee Baptist) Jonathan Tim Visher Buddy Eades Jason Vaughn Chad Justin Perry Each of the individuals …

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Free Song (and maybe a free album) from Generation Letter

I have the joy of leading the singing at Next this coming weekend in Baltimore, MD. I’ll be leading with three bands – The Na Band, Zelos, and Generation Letter. The first two bands have appeared at Next before, but this will be the first time for Generation Letter. All the members of Generation Letter – John, Stephen, George, Kyle, Abbott, and Alex – are from Metro Life Church in Orlando, FL. Along with leading corporate worship in their local church, they’ve also been busy making a record, winning awards, and serving in other ways. In 2008 and 2009 they won the John Lennon Song Writing contest in the Gospel category. Local radio stations …

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Are You a UK Church Planter?

This summer, July 8-10, Sovereign Grace Ministries will be holding our first UK church planting conference. My good friend Pete Greasley are hosting the conference at Christchurch in Newport, Wales this coming July 8-10. Also speaking is another good friend, Dave Harvey, who leads international expansion and church planting for Sovereign Grace Ministries. The conference is called [CO]MISSION UK, and its purpose is t to equip church planters as well as other men that feel called to ministry, and stir ambition for how God could be glorified through their lives.

 If you’re a church planter in the UK, or if you hope to plant a church …

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Three Keys to Becoming a Better Studio (or any kind of) Drummer

Our upcoming Spanish project, Alli en la Cruz, was recently mixed in Nashville by Billy Whittington, a gifted and humble engineer who has participated in other Sovereign Grace projects. He was assisted by John Behrens, who interned with me this past year, and Mauricio Velarde, whose songs and vocals are featured on the album. When I asked how it was going, John mentioned that he asked Billy how we could grow, since all the players have limited studio experience. Billy kindly shared his thoughts on “what makes a great studio drummer.” They were clear and to the point, partly because he has had to spend a lot of his “mixing” time lining up drum …

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O Great God at Together for the Gospel

Last month, we introduced a number of songs at the Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville, KY. O Great God was one of them. I originally wrote the song for our album, Valley of Vision, a collection of songs based on The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers and Devotions. It comes from the prayer,  “Regeneration,” that begins: Occupy the throne of my heart, take full possession and reign supreme, lay low every rebel lust, let no vile passion resist they holy war; manifest thy mighty power, and make me thine for ever. Thou art worthy to be praised with my every breath, loved with my every faculty of soul served …

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The Contemporvant Service – What Can We Learn?

If you read my blog, you’ve probably already seen this video put out by North Point Media. It’s racked up thousands of views in the past couple weeks for obvious reasons and sparked some lively debate over at Like most viral videos seeking to make a point, this one has its supporters and detractors. Some call it a brilliant parody while others are deeply offended by its supposed slap in the face at churches targeting unbelievers. I tend to side with the first group, and I think there are a few things we can learn from it. 1. It’s a good practice, and even humble, to poke fun at ourselves. If we think that everything we do in …

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Announcing the Winners of the Free NEXT Registration

I was going to do this at noon but was in the middle of teaching a seminar on parenting 19-22 year olds… We had some great entries for this contest and I wish I could give away a free NEXT registration to everyone who participated. THANKS for being so enthusiastic about the conference! But the three individuals who have won a free pass to this year’s NEXT conference are: Bertrhude Albert Kathy Hudgins Sarah Danaher Someone will be contacting you with information about how to register for free. And to inspire you, here’s some of the things Bertrhude Albert (the lady on the left in the picture above) did to spread the word about …

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NEXT is Coming Soon – Win a Free Registration

At the end of the month, I’ll have the joy of leading the music at NEXT in Baltimore, MD, along with three bands: the NA Band, Zelos, and Generation Letter. Last year we recorded the music and produced an album that you can download for 5 bucks. NEXT is a conference designed for college students, young singles, and young married couples, but open to anyone who’d like to come. This year at Next we’ll be studying some of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith. We’ll ask, “What difference should these things make in the way we live?” As we consider who God is, what Jesus accomplished, how the Bible should guide us, how we grow …

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The Prodigal

I came across this video recently on YouTube. It uses a song from our Sons & Daughters album, The Prodigal, written by the brother/sister team of Ryan and Meghan Baird. When I first watched it, I was unexpectedly moved by the way the animation communicated the meaning of the lyrics. I quickly forgot that I was watching a video and was drawn into the reality of the Father’s intimate, forgiving, personal love for those he has made his own in Jesus Christ. Good art has a way of pointing our eyes to what matters most. Here are the lyrics: You held out Your arms, I walked away Insolent I spurned Your face Squandering the gifts …

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Dementia, Miscommunication, and Extraneous Sounds – Another Normal Sunday

This past Sunday I had the privilege (an overused word, yes, but always true) of leading the singing at my home church, Covenant Life. I’ve had requests to post more on what we do on Sundays, so here it is, my rundown of another normal Sunday. We’re in a series called “Living Hope” as we preach through the book of 1 Peter. Two Sundays ago we heard about the prophets who were faithful to prophesy about the grace that was to be ours and “searched and inquired carefully” (1 Pet. 1:10). So this week seemed like a great Sunday to teach the Getty/Townend song, By Faith. The song includes the verse: By faith the prophets saw a day When the longed-for …

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