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Sheet Music for Risen

We’re excited that the Risen CD is finally out. If you ordered the actual CD, all the sheet music is included. Insert the CD into your computer and a separate file of all the music will show up on your desktop. But we’ve had some problems getting the sheet music up on our webstore. We’re in the midst of redesigning the store and it’s causing some glitches. So, for the present, you can download all the lead sheets, guitar charts, and three-staff piano scores below. We’re included both the recorded keys and suggested congregational keys. NOTE: The lead sheets and piano scores were updated at 2:40 PM EST on Wednesday, Mar. 30. Enjoy! Risen …

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Risen Has Arrived

I’m happy to announce that our latest album, Risen, came out yesterday — a whole album of songs that celebrate the reality and meaning of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. When we first were planning Risen my hope was to get it out in time for Easter. God helping us, we did. And we managed to squeeze in a few extras. More Sheet Music We’ve included lead sheets and guitar charts as in the past, but this time both in the recorded key and in suggested congregational keys, when needed. Risen also includes the piano scores for all the songs. More Sovereign Grace Musicians Most of our previous major releases have …

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Winners of the David Potter Album

Thanks to everyone who left a comment on why it’s helpful to update hymns. Lots of helpful thoughts. I said I’d pick 4 random winners, but I lied. I decided to pick 10, using a random number generator. I listed them below with their comments. In the near future, I plan to do a post on updating hymns, and the comments I received definitely gave me a head start. If you see your name here, please send your mailing address to bob at and I’ll make sure you get your Man of Sorrows Glorious King CD. Ryan Curnutt The movement to updating hymns has caused many great lyrics, which would have been otherwise lost, to be brought …

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Win a Free Copy of Man of Sorrows Glorious King

In my review of David Potter’s album, Man of Sorrows Glorious King, I forgot to mention that he kindly sent me 4 CDs to give away. So I thought I’d do that this weekend. Just leave a comment below on why you think it’s helpful for hymns to be updated musically. I’m interested in compelling responses to those who say in reference to changing lyrics/melodies of familiar hymns, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” At the end of Monday I’ll pick 4 comments at random to receive a free copy of the CD. Thanks! …

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Man of Sorrows Glorious King – Album Review

I’ve been encouraged by the attention hymns have been getting recently. Not because I’m a fan of hymns in general, but because hymns tend to allow for a greater development of the truths we’re singing. I currently have hymns albums from Sojourn Music (The War & The Mercy Seat), Indelible Grace (The Hymn Sing), and Page CXVI (Hymns III), which I hope to review in the near future.  Mike Cosper has also started a series on hymns over at the Gospel Coalition site. But this post is about a hymns album I received last fall and am just getting around to reviewing. It’s the work of David Potter and is called Man of Sorrows Glorious King. The …

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Twelve Reasons to Come to WorshipGod11

Do we really need one more worship conference? That’s the question I ask myself every other year as I start planning for the next WorshipGod conference. And since WorshipGod11: The Gathering is on the calendar for Aug. 10-13, 2011, my answer to the question is obviously yes. I did a post in January describing my thinking behind the conference. Basically, I want to address and adjust our tendency to think of meetings as separate compartments and pieces and move us towards discovering how we can tell the story of the gospel every time we gather. After all, that’s what Christians have been doing for a couple thousand years. There are reasons …

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Lost Emails

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I wasn’t receiving any emails through this my blog, that is, through the Contact Me tab above. We checked into it and sure enough, all the emails that came through Worship Matters were going into a spam folder. This has been going on since early January. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as the last time this happened, when we discovered 600+ emails that hadn’t come through. But we were able to retrieve those emails. Apparently whoever knows about this stuff was able to fix the problem but is unable to retrieve this recent batch. So if you’ve sent me a note in the past two months, I haven’t seen it. If …

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Variations on a Hymn (That Hymn Thing)

A number of people have sent this video to me recently. I’m not sure if it’s to torment me, mock me, or encourage me. I’ll let you be the judge. I was a member of the group GLAD from 1976 to 1984 and continued to write/arrange for them until 2008. Early in our history we developed a “history” of contemporary Christian music, although the accuracy and thoroughness of our research should be severely questioned. And even though I was married to my dear wife, Julie, when this video was recorded, I don’t remember checking in with her about my wardrobe. Obviously. Note: The original video for this post is no longer available. This …

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