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From the Archives: Ten Reasons to Share Musical Opinions Humbly

I’ve been musing recently about how we express our musical opinions. Why do we feel so strongly about songs, bands, and styles? And why do we draw conclusions so quickly? Nope. Don’t like it. That stinks. I can’t stand that kind of music. You like that stuff? Is there anything wrong with raving about the music/artists we love and being swift to trash those we despise? If we’re Christians, yes. Let me suggest ten reasons why musical forbearance might be good for our souls. 1. Being a self-appointed music critic is often just a sign of pride. Using outrageous or exaggerated words to put down certain songs, styles, or artists can be a symptom …

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Holy Spirit, Breath of God – Getty/Townend Hymn

During the charismatic outpouring of the 1970s many churches became more aware of the Holy Spirit than they had ever been. That awareness then, and in subsequent years, resulted in songs to and about the Holy Spirit which weren’t always as theologically precise as one would hope. Given the number of times we repeated some of those songs, it seemed as though the Holy Spirit was either hard of hearing or resistant to our requests to have him move among us, fill us, empower us, or be with us. That’s why I’m so grateful for writers like Keith Getty and Stuart Townend, writers of In Christ Alone, The Power of the Cross, and many more modern hymns …

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What’s on Tap from Sovereign Grace Music

Sovereign Grace Music exists to provide Christ exalting songs and training for local churches. I thank God for the many people who regularly let me know how God is using our songs to do just that. Since moving to Louisville, KY in June, I’ve been asked if Sovereign Grace Music is taking a break. Well, not exactly. Steve Cook, who heads up our album production, moved to Louisville a couple weeks ago, but he’s been traveling back to Gaithersburg to finish up some projects as we’re getting ready for new ones. Here’s what we’re currently working on: From Age to Age – In case you missed it, our last album (released in April) was From …

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