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Why Worship Matters

Last week I asked people to answer the question, “Why does worship matter?” in 100 words or less. I said I’d pick the top 20 answers and send them a copy of Worship Matters, so that they could post a review on their blog. I received some great answers from as far away as Australia. Of course, if you live in Australia, you don’t think that’s far at all. Here are some of my favorite responses. Ryan James said worship matters because everyone worships. Worship matters because it is the inescapable activity of all people everywhere regardless of whether they are a Christian or even “religious.” All people have some sort of “god” that they orient …

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Free Copy of Worship Matters for Twenty Bloggers

Worship Matters, the book, has been out for a few weeks now, and I’ve been encouraged by initial responses. When I was writing it, I prayed that the book would be give worship leaders, pastors, and musicians a clear and practical biblical perspective on how they can most effectively serve the church in the area of corporate worship. Seems to be having that effect so far. A few folks have already reviewed the book on their blog. You can check them at Discerning Reader, Gospel Prism, and CROSS-eyed. In an effort to get word out I’m giving away 20 copies of Worship Matters for people who will review it on their blog. Just send me an email at the …

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Worship Matters Book Giveaway

At some point I want to give away some copies of my book, but I just learned that the folks at blog.worship.com are doing just that this week. In addition, they’ll be posting the four videos I did for the book that outline the four sections: The Leader The Task Healthy Tensions Right Relationships Stop by and check it out. …

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Worship Matters Interview

Yesterday I did an hour long interview with Paul Edwards of station WLQV in Detroit, Michigan. We actually met each other last week at the Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville, Kentucky. I was able to explain a little more fully some of the topics I cover in my book, Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God. Paul is a pastor in a local church and understands first-hand how congregational worship can become a source of division and heated debate. I appreciated the depth of his questions and his obvious concern for doing more than entertaining his listeners. You can check out the interview by clicking here. …

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For Future Generations

One of the reasons I wrote Worship Matters was not simply so that people would read it, which I hope they do, but so that it might serve as a training tool for future leaders. That’s why I dedicated the book this way: Ps. 71:18 has been a favorite verse of mine for years. It says, “So even to old age and gray hairs, O God, do not forsake me, until I proclaim your might to another generation, your power to all those to come.” God has kindly answered my prayer. (BTW, this picture comes courtesy of my oldest daughter, Megan, who posted it on her blog.) …

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Worship Matters — the Book — is Released

Crossway is now shipping copies of my book Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God. The first review I’ve seen is over at blog.worship.com. They got the title wrong, but hey, it’s a very kind review. Here’s a portion of what they wrote: Biblically based and contemporaneous in setting, Worship Matters is a book we believe worship leaders will find both encouraging and challenging. Consider giving a copy to your worship team, pastor, and worship leader. This one is a definite must read. You’ll have to determine that for yourself. In the mean time, I’d appreciate your prayers that God would use this book to …

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RSS Update (especially if you get Worship Matters by e-mail)

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled blogging to bring you an announcement. RSS Update isn’t the most intriguing title, but this is an important post if you get Worship Matters by e-mail. Until recently you could receive Worship Matters in your Inbox through a service called Feedblitz. Someone informed me of an inappropriate ad that accompanied one of my posts, so I upgraded to a paid subscription. At the same time I changed my e-mail RSS feed to Feedburner, which has no ads and also looks better. So in a couple months I’m going to stop the Feedblitz feed. What does this mean for you? If you receive Worship Matters through the Feedblitz …

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Blogging to Worship God, Pt. 2

Starting this blog has been more challenging than I expected. When I consider all that has been written on worship the past few years (and I’m sure I’ve just seen a small slice), it doesn’t seem like there’s much more to say. We simply need to do it. Worship God, that is. In addition, many of the articles/books I’ve read communicate what I want to share much better than I could ever hope to. Maybe I should just make my blog a collection of great quotes on worship. I’m also concerned that churning out a five-day-a-week column (that’s the goal, anyway) might be a little challenging. I’m not sure I can even convince Julie, my wife and best …

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Blogging to Worship God, Pt. 1

A few months ago I became acquainted with the blog search engine technorati.com, and learned that it searched 14.2 million weblogs. I checked it yesterday and it was up to 20.7 million. That’s a lot of blogs. Someone said there’s a new blog every second. Personally, I think that’s probably conservative. “Who has time to read all this stuff?” I ask myself after spending 30 minutes reading blogs. And here I am adding one more blog to the world. How did I get here? Let me explain… From 1999-2003 I wrote a column called “Worship Matters” for crosswalk.com. When I stopped writing, Crosswalk kindly reran the series. As the second run came to …

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