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Creative Answers to the ESV Study Bible Giveaway

I received some creative responses in the ESV Study Bible giveaway. Here are a few you might enjoy. The reason I should get one of those Bible is that if you bring me one, I’ll take you diving and you’ll get to experience worship on a whole new level — about 100 feet below the surface! (from Dave in the Cayman Islands) I want to receive and read through the ESV STudy Bible so that the whole counsel of God and the wisdom of godly men washes over my mind and my heart to transform me into a white hot, recklessly passionate Jesus freak. (from David) To combine a lucid translation of scripture with insightful theological essays, pastorally sensitive …

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ESV Study Bible Giveaway Winners

Last week I shared my desire to give away ten ESV Study Bibles to encourage people to read through the Word of God, assisted by the valuable notes in this particular Bible. Over 300 of you sent in your reason, in 50 words or less, why you’d like to receive a Bible. I was deeply moved as I read some of the emails. I picked five as “the best,” and picked five more randomly (although since God is sovereign, it wasn’t completely “random”). Here are the five winners: This is from Juan Zavala. I was inspired by his dedication to the pastoral ministry. I would like to win the new ESV study Bible for one reason. To help me prepare my sermons. I …

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