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Variations on a Hymn (That Hymn Thing)

A number of people have sent this video to me recently. I’m not sure if it’s to torment me, mock me, or encourage me. I’ll let you be the judge. I was a member of the group GLAD from 1976 to 1984 and continued to write/arrange for them until 2008. Early in our history we developed a “history” of contemporary Christian music, although the accuracy and thoroughness of our research should be severely questioned. And even though I was married to my dear wife, Julie, when this video was recorded, I don’t remember checking in with her about my wardrobe. Obviously. Note: The original video for this post is no longer available. This …

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One Quiet Moment

A few years ago I wrote a Christmas song for GLAD (my previous musical life) that reflected on Joseph and Mary’s humble submission in accepting their part in God’s plan of salvation. Hard to imagine the difficulty of that decision. But so grateful to God that they responded. The music seems a little dated to me now, but the truth of the lyrics still affects me. At the end, you can listen to/download the song. One Quiet Moment One quiet moment, on a star-clustered night, Two weary travelers knew an end was in sight; So the soon-to-be mother, grasped her husband’s strong hand, And paused to remember where the journey began. Nine months …

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