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What I Learned from Playing a Fender Rhodes Piano Bass

We’re now three weeks into the startup of Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville. I’ve been having a great time getting back into the pattern of leading every Sunday, planning out the order of the service, having weekly rehearsals at my house, being part of the set-up and take-down teams again, and getting to the Sunday meeting a lot earlier than I’ve been getting there the last few years. And I love it. Except maybe for the “getting to the meeting early every Sunday” part. One of the things I’ve missed as I’ve handed off regular Sunday leading to others is being involved in the day-to-day issues, challenges, joys, mishaps, failures, and …

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WorshipGod 2013 Update

I’ve been receiving an increasing number of questions about WorshipGod13. Are we having one? Where will it be? Are you still alive? Yes to questions 1 and 3. And here’s the scoop on question two. The big news is that we’re actually planning not one, but TWO WorshipGod events in 2013. June 27-29, 2013 we’re hoping to hold a conference in Orange County, CA. For years individuals and teams have traveled across the country to attend WorshipGod in Maryland. I’ve been amazed and humbled by their commitment. But we’re finally holding a conference in a location nearer to where they live. Eric Turbedsky, pastor of Sovereign Grace Church OC, has graciously …

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Can I Change the Lyrics to Your Song?

  People sometimes ask us if they can change the lyrics to Sovereign Grace songs. A common request we’ve received is to change the “gates of gold” phrase in the third verse of Steve and Vikki Cook’s song I Will Glory in My Redeemer, because Rev. 21:21 says that they’re gates of pearl. Others want to add verses to songs (like The Gospel Song) or rewrite entire lyrics to songs, which is a bad idea. It’s like demanding someone enter into a co-writing relationship with you when you’ve never met each other. And it’s not very often that the new or additional lyrics are an improvement on the original. So with very few exceptions, our …

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Leading Worship in Song When You’re Not a Musician

I’m often asked if it’s possible to lead worship in song if you’re not a musician. In my response I usually make the point that leading corporate worship is pastoral function before it’s a musical one. So the answer is, “yes.” Through the years I’ve had the privilege of training the men in the Pastors College of Sovereign Grace Ministries  in the area of music and worship. Most of the guys have at least one opportunity to lead the rest of the class in song, whether they’re musical or not. It helps them see what really goes in to leading, and also enables them to evaluate others in a more informed way. They learn that you …

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