Heading for India

Tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll be flying out of Dulles International Airport
with my good friend Larry Malament, headed for India for 12 days. Larry sersves as a pastor at the Sovereign Grace church in Charlotte, North Carolina and is definitely the guy you want to go to India with. This will be his
12th visit.

As I mentioned in a post last week, I’ll have the opportunity to train
pastors and worship leaders in two separate three day conferences. The
first will be with Love-N-Care Ministries in Vishakhaptanam on the east
coast of India, and the second will be hosted by Logos Wholistic
Ministries in Ahmedebad, on the west coast. These are ministries and
leaders that Sovereign Grace has interacted with for a number of years

It’s a tremendous privilege to serve these men, most of whom (if not
all) are more humble and godly than me. I hope to learn from their
example of sacrifice, and be mutually strengthened in our faith. One of
the things I’m looking forward to is better understanding biblical
worship from a  more "non-cultural" perspective. As much as I think I’m
transcending American culture in the way I think about worship, I know
that interacting with these leaders is going to help broaden and
sharpen my perspective. I also hope to train them in using music as a means of instruction and edification for their people.

I’ve rented a satellite modem for the trip and hope to be blogging
while I’m in India, sharing updates and pictures. I’ve tried it out
enough to know that it can detect a satellite, but I won’t know if I
can get it to work completely until I’m actually in India.

I’d greatly appreciate your prayers for safety, boldness, power, clarity, rich fellowship, and lasting fruit.


2 Responses to Heading for India

  1. Kristi March 4, 2006 at 11:08 PM #

    I lived in India for several months, and it is a truly amazing place. My imagination was stretched and scope of biblical worship (mostly by observing the stark contrasts there of God vs. idolatry) was certainly broadened by God’s grace. I pray God allows you to take in everything as much as you physically and emotionally can. May he bless your trip richly.

  2. Vee March 5, 2006 at 8:23 PM #


    I am Pastor Vee, missionary in Okinawa, from Nagaland, North-East India. I hope you get to go to the North-East too some days in the future. North-East is pre-dominant Christian and very much in need of worship seminars, training etc.

    If you do have such plans in the future I would love to find out some ways to join you and perhaps plan for such worship conference.

    Vesekhoyi Tetseo
    (I have listened to, read articles and have been immensely blessed by your lectures.)

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