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Dave Wilcox, the technical director from my church has started a blog that I couldn’t recommend highly enough. I’ve known Dave for about seven years, and he’s been on staff here at Covenant Life Church for five years. He completed his degree in 1998 in Audio Engineering and Visual Media Communication at American University and is a man of prodigious gifting. He oversaw the installation of our 1.2 million dollar sound system, and has put together a fairly large sound/video/lighting team of joyful and faithful servants.

But what I want to commend to you about Dave is his humble heart to serve the Savior. The first time I met Dave, he was attending a training session we were holding at the church for potential sound engineers. Although he could probably have taught that night, he responded with expressive gratefulness and then wrote a follow-up letter to thank me for the opportunity to participate. Dave is constantly looking for ways to improve what we do and to cultivate the heart of a joyful servant in everyone who serves on the tech team. In short, I pray that every church experiences the joy of working with someone like Dave.

Check out his blog here and encourage every person who serves your church in sound, lights, or video reads it regularly.

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