Giveaway #2 is Now Officially Over

I’ve appreciated all of you who put your search engine to work and found out the answers to the Giveaway #2 contest related to GLAD trivia. We’ve found our twenty winners. There were even some actual GLAD fans among them, although a few people were honest enough to say they had never heard of GLAD until this contest…

Anyway, for those who didn’t have time to look for the answers, here they are:

1. What two colleges did the four original members of GLAD attend?
West Chester State College (back in the early 70’s) and Temple University

2. What GLAD song mentions Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia?
Take a Stand. The song tells the story of an interview we conducted at Rittenhouse Square where we asked people “What is the meaning of life?” No one knew the answer. That’s why we as Christians need to take a stand for the light…

3. How many recordings did GLAD make before The A Cappella Project in 1988?
Seven. However, most people who have heard of GLAD think The A Cappella Project was our first recording.

4. Who first recorded the GLAD Christmas song “In the First Light?”
Kathy Sinni, a Christian artist in the metropolitan D.C. area. I wrote it for her custom project in the mid-80’s.

5. What original GLAD song was recorded by Debby Boone?
A New Song. This was a song I wrote for a girl’s senior recital at Temple, which ended up on the GLAD album Beyond a Star.

Well, enough GLAD trivia. This blog will now return to its regularly scheduled program.

If you’d still like to check out some of the songs on Worship God Live, samples are available here.

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  1. Lindele May 16, 2006 at 9:16 AM #

    I have a GLAD story to tell, and I wonder if you were there for it.

    I think it was the New Year’s Eve between 1976 and 1977 when I went to my church in Alexandria for a service, expecting to hear George King and the Fellowships. They had sung at our church many times before, and I was eager to talk with David, George’s brother, because I had something that was really bothering me and David and I had talked before about stuff. Well, it turned out that George and co. were stuck somewhere in a snowstorm, and to my disappointment there was this other group, that called themselves GLAD, who had come down from Pennsylvania to fill in for George King. But God always knows what He’s doing (why do we find that surprising?!). The thing I remember most about that night was Ed Nalle singing a song that had a line something like, “I don’t mean to doubt You, but living without You is all I’ve been doing today.” It just pierced me. I can remember him standing there singing that to this day. Afterward I actually got to talk to Don about my problem.

    So that was my first GLAD experience.

  2. Paul Hayes May 16, 2006 at 9:30 PM #

    Bob, My greatest Glad memory is the song-“God is my Rock”. It really helped me trust the Lord through some difficult Fire Dept. calls that needed me to focus my faith on Him instead of losing courage to the circumstances. He IS my salvation and He IS my rock!

    Thanksa for a great song! Paul

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