RSS Update (especially if you get Worship Matters by e-mail)

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled blogging to bring you an announcement.

RSS Update isn’t the most intriguing title, but this is an important post if you get Worship Matters by e-mail.

Until recently you could receive Worship Matters in your Inbox through a service called Feedblitz. Someone informed me of an inappropriate ad that accompanied one of my posts, so I upgraded to a paid subscription. At the same time I changed my e-mail RSS feed to Feedburner, which has no ads and also looks better. So in a couple months I’m going to stop the Feedblitz feed.

What does this mean for you?
If you receive Worship Matters through the Feedblitz feed, please take a moment to go to the Worship Matters site and resubscribe to receive the email feed. Once you have that set up and are receiving Worship Matters through Feedburner (you’ll see the difference in format), you can unsubscribe from the Feedblitz feed or just wait until I cancel it. If you’re like me, you’ll want to cancel it to prevent Inbox clutter.

If you receive Worship Matters through Feedburner, don’t do anything. Thanks for subscribing.

If you don’t receive Worship Matters by e-mail, you can. Just click on “Subscribe by E-mail” at the bottom of the Worship Matters home page. You can also have the content forwarded to you in an email by going to and pasting in this URL:

Back to our original program.


2 Responses to RSS Update (especially if you get Worship Matters by e-mail)

  1. Nick Fitzkee March 27, 2008 at 7:34 AM #

    That’s interesting, because I’ve never gotten a single ad that’s identified itself from Feedblitz, and I’ve been subscribed for several years. Before that I was subscribed through crosswalk, and although they sent ads, they were never offensive. Obviously the posts that used to be avaialble through the SG website didn’t have ads. :-)

    Now this could be a result of having several spam filters between Feedblitz and my email account. It could also be because I always opt out of other mailings by default. Nevertheless, please don’t judge Feedblitz prematurely–there are a lot of unscrupulous people on the internet, but there are also people who are genuinely interested in providing a useful service as well. I don’t mind switching to Feedburner, but I personally won’t have anything against Feedblitz when I do.

  2. Bob Kauflin March 27, 2008 at 7:57 AM #


    Thanks for the info. Feedblitz provides a great service, and I in no way wanted to slam their company. Nor do I have anything personal against them! The ad wasn’t like much of what you can find on the Internet, but I decided I didn’t want ads going with the email posts at all and didn’t want to continue to pay for using the service when I could get my posts emailed for free. Sites that use Feedblitz can choose whether or not to pay for the service. If you don’t pay for it, they include small ads which help cut down on their costs. In any case, thanks for letting me know that you’ve been pleased with it.

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