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India Update #2

I’m in the Mumbai domestic airport right now, waiting for the flight to take us to our first place of ministry, Love-N-Care Ministries. We arrived in Mumbai (Bombay) last night, and got about 5 hours sleep, and are heading for Visakhaputnam today. On the flight, we sat next to Aruna, an Indian woman who has been living in Orlando for around 20 years. She was very gracious and engaging in conversation. She asked us numerous questions about what we were doing and why, and we were able to share the Gospel with her, and encourage her to consider that apart from Jesus there is no way we can ever be good enough to enter God’s presence. We’ll be sending …

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India Update #1

Well, I’m here in the Charles DeGaulle Airport in Paris using one of the computers in the airport. I’m not sure whether I can get my satellite modem working or not, but it doesn’t matter at this point, does it? My friend Larry and I have completed the first leg of our trip. We leave in about three hours for Mumbai (formerly Bombay). That will be another 8 hours. Then tomorrow we’ll take one more plane over to our first destination, Visakhapatnam. There I’ll spend three days working with pastors and worship leaders on principles of God-honoring worship. Being in a country where English isn’t the primary language reminds me again that this world …

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Heading for India

Tomorrow (Sunday) I’ll be flying out of Dulles International Airport with my good friend Larry Malament, headed for India for 12 days. Larry sersves as a pastor at the Sovereign Grace church in Charlotte, North Carolina and is definitely the guy you want to go to India with. This will be his 12th visit. As I mentioned in a post last week, I’ll have the opportunity to train pastors and worship leaders in two separate three day conferences. The first will be with Love-N-Care Ministries in Vishakhaptanam on the east coast of India, and the second will be hosted by Logos Wholistic Ministries in Ahmedebad, on the west coast. These are ministries …

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