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WorshipGod09 Rates About to Go Up

If you’re thinking about coming to WorshipGod09: From Generation to Generation, Aug. 5-8, rates go up $25 next Wednesday, April 1. Right now high school and college students are $85, groups of 5 or more are $110, and individuals are $135. Looks like it’s going to be a great time. Main session speakers include John Piper, C.J. Mahaney, Jeff Purswell, Thabiti Anyabwile, and yours truly. Don Whitney will be speaking on family worship and cultivating a thirst for God. Musical guests include Keith and Kristyn Getty, Christian hip-hop artist Shai Linne, and guitarist Ben Gowell. We’ll also have a number of the musicians, bands, and pastors that I’ve …

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How I Got Here

Ben, a 28 year old worship leader, is in the midst of some career decisions. He emailed me the following to me: You seem to be actively employing several different gifts and passions. You’re sort of a hybrid preacher/producer/worshiper/blogger guy.  You are living outside the box – and that’s exciting to me. As I dream of what my life and career could look like, my most
satisfying career would look a lot like yours does now. However, I don’t
really know how to get from where I am now to where I’d like to be.  I
wonder how it is that you’ve come to the place where you are now: leading
worship, producing albums of your church’s …

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Praising God in a Multi-Language Congregation

I received this suggestion for a WorshipGod09 seminar from Mike: I am on the leadership team of a new church here in Harare, Zimbabwe. We have combined two congregations – one of which used to worship in Shona and the other which is more comfortable in English.  In the new combined congregation, we have some who are mono-lingual. How do I agree with a spontaneous prayer if I do not know if they are praising His glory, interceding for the nation, or praying for Maria’s sore toe? Many of us, even if mono-lingual in speech, can sing in three or four languages!  But how meaningfully? We are considering having bi-lingual projections on screen …

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50 Messages on Worship

Over at his blog, Between Two Worlds, my friend Justin Taylor has posted links to a number of messages on worship that were given at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY. Speakers include David Peterson, John Frame, Kevin Twit, Harold Best, Keith and Kristyn Getty, Michael Card, Jason Harms, and yours truly. Over 50 messages, all with links. I was was able to attend David Peterson’s lectures and thought they were outstanding. Topics cover worship as it relates to the music, the arts, hymns, lament, the cross, the Word, postmodernism,  jazz, and more. Check out the lectures here. …

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Software for Managing Songs

A friend of mine, Jordan Liggitt, has developed a software program for managing songs. It’s part of the Gospel Software site which produces “online tools to ease church administration.” The specific software for music is in the songbook section of the site.  I asked Joseph Stigora, worship pastor at Covenant Fellowship in Philadelphia, to give me his thoughts on it, as he’s been using it for a while now. Here’s what he said. For years I had been looking for a software that would allow me to input our own song sheets and transpose them instantly.   Those were my only criteria, really.  I was using a program that allowed for that but it had …

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Sovereign Grace Ministries Songwriter’s Retreat

A few weeks ago, I had the joy of gathering with 14 songwriters from Sovereign Grace churches to work on songs for some upcoming albums. Todd Twining hosted the event at Metro Life Church in Orlando. This was our 6th retreat, and probably worked the best. The retreat was by invitation, but everyone who came paid their own way, for the most part. We started out Wednesday night with dinner and a few comments from me. I shared some encouraging emails we’ve received about songs we’ve written, just to remind everyone that God really does use the songs we write to affect people’s hearts and lives.  I also showed a portion of the video that tells …

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