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We’re in the midst of planning for WorshipGod08: Rediscovering the Psalms. Registration has been moving along, but we’re still four and a half months away from the conference. If you’re planning on coming, I wanted to remind you that registration rates go up $25 each on April 1, and again on July 1.

But here’s a way you can come for free. We’re giving away a free registration to the person who sends in the best answer to this question:

What is the most awkward/embarrassing moment you’ve ever experienced as a worship leader or part of a team?

Here are the guidelines:

  • Answers have to be 150 words or less. Really.
  • Your answer must be something you personally experienced or were part of.
  • Answers should be sent to
  • You have to respond by midnight EST on Saturday, March 15.
  • If you’ve already registered, you can still play. Your registration cost will be refunded.

There you have it. Here’s a video that might inspire you.

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  1. Bryan Nelson March 11, 2008 at 5:47 PM #

    Loved the link to the blooper. Hilarious! Sent it to the other band members.

    What is the most awkward/embarrassing moment you’ve ever experienced as a worship leader or part of a team?

    I was in a music group that traveled to a different church just about every night over the summer. Most churches are easy to figure out how to get around backstage and the like – but we had a spinaltap moment one night.

    At a usual place in our worship set, the band would leave the stage while the piano player would play a solo. We usually left the stage and hung out backstage until we came back on stage.

    We headed out the door (all 5 of us) off stage. I was the last one out the door. When I got through the door, all the lights were out and I heard a voice from inside the door say, “Go back out! Go back out!” I couldn’t figure out what was going on – why did we have to go back out? Then I figured it out.

    The entire band had left the stage through a door that was identical to the backstage door. But this door went into a small storage CLOSET. We were crammed in there together in the dark.

    The worst part – everyone from the church at the concert knew exactly what was behind the door – a closet. We exited the closet to a thunderous applause. We all took a bow…then exited stage left.

    From that moment on, we checked out all the doors on the stage at every church. Just in case.

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