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AMP-2014-03-06-9028-c2048_FotorWe’re about three months out from WorshipGod UK and can’t wait.  We’re really looking forward to spending three days with people who are serious about serving their local churches with the gospel through the Word and song.

The gospel is a word we can use frequently without reflecting on its meaning, power, and relevance. That’s why when we gather on Sunday mornings, there’s nothing more important we can do than remind people that Jesus has come to save us from sin, death, and hell through his substitutionary death and triumphant resurrection, and that that affects every aspect of our lives.

I’m thrilled that our speakers this year will include Mike Reeves, Tim Chester, Kevin DeYoung, Dave Gobbett, Nathan Smith, and Jeff Purswell.

Here’s a video we recorded to explain the heart behind the conference and share some of the details.

In the video I wasn’t able to mention all the UK musicians who will be joining us for the conference, but last year they were a significant means of encouragement to the attendees. The musicians coming this year to lead us or share new songs with us include Matt Richley from Christ Church Newport, Michael Morrow from DunDonald Church, Ben Slee from Christ Church Mayfair, and Rob Spink from The Crowded House. In addition Matt Searles will be back to teach a seminar on how God can use the Psalms to minister to us during seasons of suffering.

All this talk about music could lead someone to think WorshipGod UK is meant just for musicians. Far from it. It’s often non-musicians who are responsible for planning the Sunday gatherings and we’ve designed the conference to equip and encourage those with no musical knowledge. Of course, we’ll have plenty for the musicians as well.

I also didn’t mention in the video that before WorshipGod begins we’ll be hosting a day conference for pastors and their wives on Thursday 7th May from 10am – 5pm. The theme is “Hope and the Pastor,” and the teaching will be handled by my friends Jeff Purswell, Rick Gamache, and Kevin DeYoung. I’ll have the privilege of leading the music along with my son, Devon.

People are already signed up to come to WorshipGod from around the UK, Austria, Denmark, the Netherlands, the Philippines, and Russia. We’d love for you to join us! If you can’t decide whether or not you’ll be able to make it, keep in mind that if you book in before 1st March, you’ll save money, and if you can get three or more people to sign up with you, you’ll save even more.

Check out the WorshipGod UK website for more information. Even if you can’t come, we’d appreciate prayers that God would use our time together to serve the many people and churches in the UK and Europe who are passionate about proclaiming the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ not only in their meetings, but in their lives.




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