Interview with Ben Slee

Ben Slee_FotorLast year at WorshipGod UK, a number of guys came from Christ Church Mayfair in London. I’ve had contact with them during the year, and they suggested that Ben Slee be included this year in the conference. So he’ll be sharing  a couple songs at WorshipGod UK. In the meantime, he was gracious enough to answer a few questions.

1. What is your history of leading in the church, musically or pastorally?
Before coming to Christ Church Mayfair as Music Director this year, I was a church apprentice in South-East London for two years where I was trained in music leading through the youth group and in Sunday gatherings.

2. What encourages you about what is happening in gathered worship in the UK and Europe?
It seems that the UK as a whole is being better served with theologically thought-through and practically helpful training. We’re also beginning to see more word-saturated, Christ-exalting songs from a wider pool of writers and range of musical styles, all with a desire to serve Christ’s church.

3. What weaknesses do you see about what is happening broadly in gathered worship in the UK and Europe?
At a conference recently, it was pointed out that we can drive a wedge between the word taught and the word sung when we’re unable to match the content of a sermon with a song which helps us respond (or resolve to in the week). We seem to be weak on songs about judgment, union with Christ, lament to name but a few. They’re never the most popular songs to write, but the church needs them!

4. How do you think WorshipGod in general and your role there in particular might serve folks as they seek to serve in their local congregations?
The songs that we sing when we gather are powerful tools for letting the word of Christ dwell richly in us (Colossians 3:16). I pray that the songs I share would be useful to that end, and we would see many people encouraged to live for Christ by His Spirit as His words dwell richly in us and stir our hearts to faith in Him.

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