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If you read WorshipMatters regularly, you most likely help plan or lead the music in your local church. First, THANK YOU for serving God’s people! I thank God for your faithfulness in contexts that most people will never even see.

Second, I know there are a gazillion conferences every year that you can go to. I wanted to give you a few reasons why you should consider registering for WorshipGod15: TRIUNE.

1. We’re local church musicians serving local church musicians.
Sovereign Grace Music isn’t a conference production machine.We’re all part of local churches and are serving in local churches. We get the day in day out challenges you face with lack of resources, changing personnel, and your own issues. We don’t spend tons of money on technological wizardry, lighting effects, or stage designs. You won’t be overwhelmed by hundreds of vendors.  You won’t get tips on developing your “worship career.” While it can be helpful and exciting to go to a huge conference to hear people that everyone knows, we think it’s even more exciting to go to a conference where our one goal is to help you grow spiritually, theologically, and practically.

2. Conferences are better than YouTube.
In a tech savvy world, with massive amounts of information at our fingertips, what makes a conference like WorshipGod worth investing time and money in? Why not just listen to the messages after the conference, download the outlines, and read my reflections post after the conference? It’s because none of those can replace what God does through interacting with other leaders and musicians, spending extended time away with your team, and encountering God together as we worship him in song and the Word. I’ve lost track of the number of people I’ve spoken with over the years whose heart, ministry, or direction was significantly impacted by what God did at WorshipGod.

3. The Trinity matters.
For many Christians, the doctrine of the Trinity is one of those embarrassing aspects of our faith we’d rather not talk about. It’s confusing. It’s problematic. It’s mysterious. It’s irrelevant. I’ve had all those thoughts in my 42 years as a Christian. But in recent years I’ve come to understand how God’s being Father, Son, and Spirit, while not always at the forefront of our conversations, should underlie everything we think and say about God. God being Triune is something we should know, it’s a truth that should thrill our souls and leave us breathless in delight. If that’s not your response to God being a Trinity, WorshipGod is just for you.

4. The speakers.
I’m pretty excited about the people you’ll get to hear at WorshipGod. Jeff Purswell speaking on delighting in the Trinity, Jared Mellinger on the Trinity and the cross, CJ Mahaney on knowing God as Father, Ray Ortlund, Jr. on the unique role of the Holy Spirit, H.B. Charles, Jr. on why our unity is Trinitarian, yours truly on singing and praying to a Triune God, and Rick Gamache on living in light of the Trinity. In addition, the seminar speakers include Bruce Ware on the glory of God, Don Whitney on getting more out of your Bible , Jim Hamilton on worship and Revelation, Doug & Sheri Gould on tech and vocals, and Dustin Kensrue on arts and culture.

5. The musicians.
This year, I’ll be leading a few of the sessions musically along with my son, Devon. My good friend, Matt Boswell, from Providence Church in Frisco will take a session, and Aaron Johnson and DOXA from Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia will be with us. I”m grateful for the role they’re playing in seeking to provide gospel-driven, theologically-informed music to the African American church. We’ll also be hearing from songwriters Dustin Kensrue, Michael Bleecker, and Bobby & Kristen Gilles, who will each be sharing some of their songs in the main sessions.

6. Practical training.
We’ve put together 28 seminars and and six pre-conference intensives (guitar, bass, drums, leader, songwriting, and choir) that will deepen your doctrinal understanding, sharpen your leadership and musical skills, and stir your heart with passion for God.

7. Free stuff.
We love to give away stuff at WorshipGod conferences. It’s one way we can remind ourselves and others about the riches of grace we’ve received in the gospel. Our heavenly Father knows what we need before we even ask. So we’ll be giving away a Breedlove guitar, a VOX amp, microphones, a midi keyboard, guitar pedals, strings, drum sticks, and more. And everyone who comes will get not one, but two free lunches. We’re practically paying you to come!

8. Special deals.
Because we have a heart for church planting in Sovereign Grace the first 20 church planters who sign up can come for free. And we haven’t hit that number yet. Also, because we want to encourage senior pastors to come with their musicians, they can sign up for only $90!

9. Online registration ends July 12.
Really, what are you waiting for? If you miss the deadline, you can still sign up at the door but keep in mind that some seminars are already full. You can sign up at the WorshipGod website.

10. See below.
If you’re still not convinced, perhaps a personal appeal will persuade you. Thanks for considering coming to the conference, and even if you can’t make it, I’d appreciate your prayers that WorshipGod15: TRIUNE  would be a God-glorifying, Christ-exalting, Spirit-empowered conference that would truly serve everyone who comes.


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