Pre-Order The Ology for only $6

The Ology COVER_FotorOur next kids album, The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New, comes out this Monday, Oct. 19. But today through Sunday you can get it on Bandcamp for only $6 and download two songs right away. Here’s one of them:

The Ology is a companion to a book of the same name by my good friend Marty Machowski.  Marty’s storybook devotional seeks to teach kids important doctrines in a way that’s memorable, creative, fun, and understandable.

We aimed for the same goal when a group of songwriters got together this past June to write songs for each chapter of Marty’s book. It was a great exercise and I couldn’t be more excited about what we came up with.

Here are the titles with the doctrine each song addresses:

  • The God of Wow (God)
  • Just the Way God Wanted Us to Be (People)
  • The Scariest Song (Sin)
  • God Always Keeps His Promises (God’s Law and Promises)
  • Totally God, Totally Man (Jesus)
  • Our Help (the Holy Spirit)
  • God’s Great Family (Adoption)
  • One Step at a Time (Sanctification)
  • Brick After Brick (the Church)
  • You’re Coming Back (Christ’s Return)
  • All About Jesus (Scripture)

While songs for kids often assume kids already know the Lord, these don’t. They teach biblical truths in a way that kids can understand and will want to sing over and over. Our prayer is that as they listen and sing in their homes, parent’s cars, and church classrooms, God will use these truths to transform their hearts.

Like our previous two kids’ albums, the instrumental tracks were produced by Ben Gowell, guitarist for Paul Baloche, and producer of Sara Groves’ upcoming album, Floodplain. The band (which also included Steve Goold on drums, Aaron Fabbrini on bass, Jasper Nephew on guitars, and Sam Hoffman on keys) did a fantastic job capturing the heart of each song.

Some new vocalists (at least for Sovereign Grace Music) appear on The Ology. They include one of my previous interns, Ben Hoppe, and three members of Redeeming Grace Church in Nashville, Jon and Shea Althoff, and Holly Harris. Jon actually ended up writing or co-writing seven of the eleven songs. My daughter, McKenzie, handles lead on a couple tracks, and I had fun singing a song about the dangers of sin, as you can hear below.

If you’re a parent, I think both you and your kids will love this album. But don’t take my word for it. Go over to Bandcamp and pre-order a copy for only $6.

And while you’re at it, check out The Ology in book form, and our other kids albums, all aimed at kids ages 6-11:
Walking with Wise, songs from the book of Proverbs
To Be Like Jesus, songs about the fruit of the Spirit
Awesome God, songs about the attributes of God


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5 Responses to Pre-Order The Ology for only $6

  1. barryjoslin October 18, 2015 at 4:36 PM #

    Can’t wait for the rest of this album to download tomorrow. These kids albums have fueled worship in my home, and we’ve sung so many of these at church with our kids worship. Thanks to you Bob, for ensuring that theology gets passed on to the next generation. Looking forward to the book too. We are on week 53 now Marty M’s “Long Story Short.” It has been great for our family.

    Grateful for this kind of teamwork. Grateful for this ministry and for how it’s impacted my family and church as well.


    • Bob Kauflin October 18, 2015 at 7:46 PM #

      Barry, thanks for your consistent encouragement! Can’t wait for you to hear the rest of the album!

  2. Miles Lowenfield October 22, 2015 at 8:37 PM #

    Bob, surely you’ve received countless compliments by now but I have to tell you: awesome job on The Ology and Sooner Count The Stars. Please never doubt God’s amazing grace in your life and the gift he has given you with music and leading. Im 26 years old and The Ology is for ME, not just kids! Wonderful compositions and lyrics. Some of the best I have ever heard in my life. No joke! Keep it up!

    • Bob Kauflin October 22, 2015 at 11:10 PM #

      Miles, wow. That is so encouraging. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

  3. Lindele November 11, 2015 at 11:30 AM #

    What a great and fun CD! I’m sitting here listening to The Ology right now and wishing I’d had it when my kids were little. Not that I don’t appreciate Wee Sing Bible Songs teaching me how to find Nahum without looking in the table of contents.

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