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This past summer I led the first Sovereign Grace Music Worship Matters Intensive in Louisville. I spent 5 days with 18 guys working through the contents of my book, Worship Matters. Not surprisingly, we got into lively discussion and interaction on a number of levels and topics. In addition every guy got to run lyric projection and experience “Lead and Review,” which is just what the name implies. It was a fantastic time.

While the first Intensive focused on Sovereign Grace worship leaders, we’ve received a number of requests to open it up. So that’s what we’re doing. I have two more Intensives coming up, both in Louisville. The dates are February 15-20 and June 7-11. The June intensive is sold out but I still have a 4-5 spots open for the February Intensive for guys who might be interested. We start Wednesday night with dinner and end with lunch together after the Sunday meeting at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville. The cost of registration is $250, which covers lunches, books, and additional resources.

We know there are an ever-increasing number of ways for a worship leader to grow, including books, classes, and conferences. With that in mind, we’ve tried to incorporate the best of these alternatives by creating an environment where leaders can cultivate strong and clear theological categories, have the opportunity for hands-on practice and feedback, and benefit from interaction and relationships with other leaders. Our time together is designed for both young and older leaders looking to be sharpened in their skills, theology, and pastoral heart.

Those who’d like to sign up should:

1. Have some experience leading corporate worship.
2. Have read Worship Matters.
3. Be able to miss a Sunday morning.
4. Have a desire to lead regularly on a Sunday morning.
5. Be at least 18 years of age.

Each attendee is responsible for his own transportation, lodging, and breakfasts and dinners Thursday-Saturday. If you’d like to bring your own guitar, that would be great but not necessary, as we’ll have some here.

Last August we recorded the teaching elements of the Intensive on video and hope to offer the course for free online in the next few months so that bands can go through it together. I’m hoping it will enable churches to be more effective in raising up leaders and musicians.

Here are some responses from those who came to the first Intensive:

I have been leading for twenty years, and I still gained so much from the discussion, the times of worship, and the fellowship with like-minded worship leaders.

The interactive nature of the WMI is invaluable, as we might never know to ask the questions we had the opportunity to ask.

I left desiring Christ more, loving Him more, treasuring Him and His work and His Word more, wanting to grow more, and motivated to apply what I learned.

For leaders, I think this time is even more valuable than a WorshipGod conference. The times of Lead & Review were surprisingly the most encouraging times. Everyone has room to grow and this Intensive is the best way I’ve found to propel my growth as a leader in the area of corporate worship.

If you’re someone who might benefit from a Worship Matters Intensive, or know someone else who might, you can register through the link below.

REGISTER (registration will close when we reach capacity)



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