Human and Holy: Healthy Tensions of our Gathered Worship

In just under two months (July 27-29) we’ll be gathering in Louisville, KY for our second regional WorshipGod conference! The first was held in Pennsylvania this past March. We’re calling the Louisville conference: Human and Holy: Healthy Tensions of our Gathered Worship.

If you’ve ever planned the music or meetings at your church, you’re probably familiar with the category of “healthy tensions.” Or at least, tension. Conversations about worship can be polarizing. We choose sides and attack each other rather than seeking out biblical solutions and priorities.

Should our meetings be reverent or celebratory?
Do we want our musicians to be highly skilled or genuinely sincere?
Should we careful planning or anticipate that the Holy Spirit will move spontaneously?
How can our meetings be rooted in Scripture and relevant to our culture at the same time? 

Who Will Be There

I’ve asked a number of friends to join me as we address these questions and more at Human and Holy. Here’s the speaker lineup:

Rick GamacheOrthodox and On Fire
Bob Kauflin: Structured and Spontaneous
Shai LinneRooted and Relevant
Matt MasonEvent and Everyday
CJ MahaneyAnticipating and Already

Times of worship in song will be led by me and my son, Devon, Daniel Renstrom and his band from The Church at Brook Hills, and an acoustic band from Sojourn Music. A number of Hispanic friends will lead a bi-lingual session Saturday morning. It’s something we’ve done at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville that has helped us address the healthy tension of a multi-ethnic congregation! I’ve also asked Caroline Cobb and Adam Wright of  Corner Room Music to come and share some of the songs they’ve been writing to encourage the church. Caroline focuses on songs that tell the story of redemptive history while Adam’s forte has been brilliant settings of verbatim Scriptures, especially the Psalms.

Seminars Galore

We’ll be offering seven pre-conference intensives from 1:30-5pm on Thursday afternoon, where you can be equipped in leading, songwriting, technical skills, singing, bass, drums, or guitar. During the conference you’ll be able to choose 3 of 21 breakouts that address theological, practical, and heart issues. Here’s a small sample:

Unity in Diversity – Shai Linne
Wisdom from the Worship Wars of the 18th Century – Michael Haykin
When Waiting is Trusting – Don Whitney
Preparing Your Heart for Sunday Morning – Devon Kauflin
Skilled & Sincere: The Pursuit of Undistracting Excellence – Bob Kauflin
Three Electric Guitar Breakouts – Josh Scott (of JHS Pedals) and Patrick Anderson
and a lot more!

Why YOU Should Come

Regional WorshipGod conferences are slightly shorter, starting on Thursday night rather than Wednesday night, so you don’t have to miss as much work. But you’ll still be getting a free lunch on Friday, and we’ll be giving away tons of music, books, and great gear (special thanks to Josh Scott for that), that you won’t want to miss out on.

Every WorshipGod conference gives you the opportunity to not only hear from the musicians and speakers that are featured at the conference, but also interact with hundreds of like-minded musicians, pastors, songwriters, tech personnel, and Christians who are passionate about biblically faithful, Christ-exalting worship and want to grow in their skills and effectiveness as they serve their local churches. 

If you register before June 8 you’ll save $20. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your band, your friends, your pastor, or your staff! We hope to see you there!

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