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In a culture when Sunday “worship” is more produced, polished, and professional than ever, it’s helpful to remember what really matters to God when we meet.

That’s the theme of our 15th WorshipGod conference this year, to be held July 25-28 at Grace Church in Frisco, TX: Extraordinary: The Weekly Worship of the Gathered Church. 

Sunday mornings aren’t rock concerts. They aren’t pep rallies or World Cup finals. But every time the church gathers, all of heaven takes notice.

Each and every Sunday we meet with saints Christ has redeemed and made one through his death on the cross. We join in with the hosts of heaven around the throne (Heb. 12:22-24). God speaks powerfully and personally to us through his living and active preached word (Heb. 4:12). The Triune God reveals himself and builds up the church through various gifts, acts of service, and activities (1 Cor. 12:4-6). What could be more thrilling?

What to Expect

WorshipGod conferences seek to equip and encourage those who lead and plan congregational worship in three areas:

  • Theology, covering areas like the nature and character of God, a biblical theology of worship, the primacy of God’s Word and the gospel, and more.
  • Heart, addressing the attitudes, motives, purity, integrity, family life, and passion of the worshiper.
  • Skill, applying to areas like musicianship, leadership, and communication.

But it’s not just for leaders. We also offer general seminars will benefit anyone who wants to grow in their passion for God’s glory in Christ.

You’ll also enjoy some amazing giveaways in each session, free lunches, lots of laughter, and a serious pursuit of engaging with God. People who come to WorshipGod conferences value having biblical foundations for what they do. They see worship in life as important as worship in song and really love the local church. While I’m thankful for bigger conferences (and will be speaking at some of them), we aim for a family, non-hype feel at WorshipGod. We pursue excellence in all we do, but Sunday mornings should be characterized primarily by the participation of God’s people, not production or performance.

Who’s Going to Be There

I’m grateful for the lineup of speakers and musicians we have this year. They’ll help us grow in understanding and appreciating what God wants to do when we meet together on Sundays:

The Church’s Glory – Matt Mason
The Church’s Foundation – Craig Cabaniss
The Church’s Unity – Bob Kauflin
The Church’s Message – Brian Davis
The Church’s Passion – Jon Payne
The Church’s Future – Rick Gamache

We’ll be served musically this year by a range of folks including Sovereign Grace bands (including one from Mexico!), Devon Kauflin, Michael Bleecker, Matt Boswell, and Jimmy Needham. In addition to times of corporate singing, Jimmy Needham, Caroline Cobb, and Adam Wright will be sharing songs with us that aren’t necessarily congregational, but I think you’ll love!

Why Should I Come?

If you help plan, lead, or support a Sunday meeting, WorshipGod18 will speak to all the places you live. You’ll be able to take extended time with your pastor and other members of your team to evaluate what you’re doing that’s working and what needs to change. Before the conference starts, you’ll be able to get more specific training in one of eight pre-conference intensives taught by people who have been involved in music ministry for decades.

During the conference, you can go to 4 of the 28 seminars. In addition to practical training for instrumentalists, songwriters, vocalists, and tech teams, we’ll be talking about a leader’s heart and family, what “experiences” with God should look like, how congregational worship shapes our identity, rooting out pride, and more. Josh Scott of JHS pedals (along with Patrick Anderson), will be sharing from his years of experience both on the heart and art of playing your guitar. And Donald Whitney will be joining us again to address how to pray the Bible and trust God in the midst of suffering.

How Do I Register?

You can register and find all the information you need at the WorshipGod18 website. Until Mar. 1 it’s $90/student, $120/group of 5+, and $150/individual.

Feel free to invite your team, your pastor, your musicians, your family, and friends to WorshipGod18. It’s an event we trust will equip you to serve your local church every week with greater joy, skill, and fruitfulness – all for the glory of our matchless Savior.

6 Responses to Registration for WorshipGod18 Now Open

  1. anonymous February 2, 2018 at 12:47 PM #

    Dear Bob of sovereign grace do you know how I can email you? I got a desperate inquiry to send to you! thanks heaps! I love your deep convicted scripture you wrote!

  2. Sara April 15, 2018 at 9:21 PM #

    I’ve wanted to attend one of these conferences for a while, but with travel and lodging, it will cost almost $1,000. Is that worth it?

    Are there any resources that would be more affordable (besides your blog and books, which I have already enjoyed reading)? I do a lot of songwriting, and would like to learn how to better serve God and my church through that.

  3. Sara April 17, 2018 at 4:15 PM #

    I would be coming from the East Coast. Do you think there will be another one in the Northeast region at some point?

    • Bob Kauflin April 17, 2018 at 7:26 PM #

      Possibly, but nothing is scheduled at this point. Thanks for asking!

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