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“Only Jesus” Video From Next 2010

Last May I had the joy of leading worship in song at the Next conference along with three bands, including Generation Letter. One of the songs we sang, “Only Jesus,” was written by Doug Plank and based on a prayer in The Valley of Vision. I asked Doug what he was thinking when he wrote the song: I don’t think I’ve ever before (or likely will again) be so inspired by a mere two words in songwriting. While writing a song for the “Valley of Vision” project I stumbled on the poem, “The Life Look.” One particular line struck me: “May my cry be always, Only Jesus! Only Jesus!” Once those two words were located, it really was only a matter …

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Generation Letter Video – “King of Peace”

I was encouraged recently to hear that Worship Leader magazine had included Generation Letter’s song “King of Peace” on their recent Song Discovery CD. Each Song Discovery CD contains 12-15 congregational songs with  leads sheets and chord charts in 3 keys. Many are from well known bands and artists, but they often feature songs from lesser known musicians and local church projects as well. A great service to the church. The video above is Generation Letter leading King of Peace at this year’s Next Conference in Baltimore, MD (May 28-31). I led with them, along with Alli Gilland, who was filling in for Stephen Morgan on guitar. The members …

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What Goes Into Putting a Conference Song List Together for Next2010?

Every time I lead the singing at a conference it’s a learning experience. This year’s NEXT conference was no different. In this post I want to share some of the thinking behind the songs we sang. NEXT is a conference geared towards younger singles and married couples, so the majority of people who attend are probably between 17 and 30. This was the 11th year of the conference and was similar to past years. There were six morning and evening sessions, starting Friday night, with an afternoon session added on Saturday. I co-led with three separate bands: the Na Band (three times), Zelos (twice), and Generation Letter (once). Saturday afternoon …

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Next 2009 Live Now Available for Download

The Next 2009 conference took place in Baltimore, Maryland May 30-June 2. Over 2500 people gathered to worship Jesus Christ in song, to study his Word, and to rediscover who he is and what he has done. I had the privilege of leading the songs along with three different bands: the Na Band, Reilly, and Zelos. Some of the sessions also featured a 14 piece string section. We were able to record the event and are now offering Next 2009 Live, a 13 song download for $5. That’s right – 13 songs for 5 bucks. Where else are you going to find a deal like that? The songs on the download album are: God Over All (Devon Kauflin) Na Band His Name …

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Song List from Next 2009

Next was simply amazing. Teaching from Josh Harris, Kevin DeYoung (a new favorite speaker), D.A. Carson, C.J. Mahaney, and Sinclair Ferguson. All the messages are available for download at the Next website. Do yourself a favor and download them all — now. Listen to them soon. I guarantee your passion for the glory of Christ and your desire to make him known will grow. I had the privilege of putting together the song list for this year’s Next conference. Listed below are the songs we ended up doing. In the next three weeks, we plan to offer a download of 12 songs recorded live at Next for five bucks. You’ll also be able to purchase them …

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Getting Ready for Next

I’m in the middle of preparing for the Next conference, that starts this Saturday, May 23, and ends on Tuesday, May 26. Over 2500 mostly single men and women will be gathering in Baltimore to hear D.A. Carson, C.J. Mahaney, Josh Harris, Kevin DeYoung, and Sinclair Ferguson expound on the glory of Jesus Christ. Next was previously called New Attitude, and was started by Josh Harris. It’s continued almost every year since 1999. From the website: Next isn’t built on “new.” It isn’t about the next trend or fad. Next is built on the old, treasured, and true. It’s about rediscovering old truth and recommitting to it. The vision of Next is to gather …

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