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Looking Forward to NEXT 2012:You and Your Church

In just a couple weeks I’ll be down in Orlando, FL helping to lead corporate worship at the very last NEXT. The theme of this year’s conference is You and Your Church. I’ve been involved with the music at NEXT ever since Josh Harris started the conference back in 1999, although then it was called New Attitude. I continued to lead when Eric Simmons took over a few years ago and changed the name to NEXT. It’s a fantastic conference that I’ve been hugely privileged to be involved with. But each year I’ve expected to be told that I wouldn’t be needed any more, since NEXT is a conference aimed at singles and young couples, of which I am neither. …

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The Father’s Love Video

Hoping to share some reflections from my recent time in Australia soon. But before that, I wanted to let you know about a video we just finished editing. Last May at the NEXT conference, I had the opportunity to lead the song, The Father’s Love, with my son, Devon, and the Na Band. We projected the lyrics across the entire backdrop of the stage. I loved the effect of emphasizing the importance of the lyrics we were singing. I have an increasing conviction (if that’s possible) that our singing should be characterized by passion rooted in biblical truth rather than simply passion that’s an effect of musical stimulation. Enlarging the size …

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“Completely Done” Led by the Na Band

One of my favorite songs on our Sons & Daughters album is Completely Done. I appreciate the simple, clear, and effective way it challenges our struggles with condemnation. Am I really forgiven? Did God know about that sin? What if I mess up again? Are my sins really fully paid for? Completely Done, by Jonathan and Ryan Baird and Rich Gunderlock, answers those questions with the assurance only the gospel can bring: What reason have I to doubt Why would I dwell in fear When all I have known is grace My future in Christ is clear My sins have been paid in full There’s no condemnation here I live in the good of this My Father …

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Spontaneous Song from NEXT 2011 for Those Who Have Lost a Parent

As I was preparing for the NEXT conference a few weeks ago, I had an ongoing impression that God wanted to minister through a prophetic song to attendees who had lost one or both parents unexpectedly. I wasn’t aware that two of the testimonies that were going to be shared at the conference referenced parents who had died recently. In any case, I ended up sharing a spontaneous song on Sunday night when I was leading corporate worship with Generation Letter. A number of people said the song encouraged them and have asked for a copy of it. You can download the audio by right-clicking here. You can also listen to it here: [audio:|titles=those_who_have_lost_parents] I’ve …

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Songlist from Next 2011

This past weekend I had the privilege of leading the singing at the 2011 NEXT conference in Orlando, FL, along with the Na Band and Generation Letter. For some reason they keep letting me hang out with the young guys. Don’t mind that at all. This year’s focus was understanding how Christ transforms the way we look at the world. The speaker line up included D.A. Carson, R.C. Sproul, Jeff Purswell, Kevin DeYoung, Scott Oliphint, Vern Poythress, and others. Great messages that really stretched my mind and fed my soul. You can listen to or download the main session messages here. I came away with a fresh understanding of how Jesus Christ …

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Getting Ready for Next 2011

At the end of this month (May 28-31) I’ll be heading down to Orlando, FL to lead the worship in song at Next 2011, with the Na Band and Generation Letter. Shane and Shane will also be leading us in corporate worship for one session, and presenting a concert that same night. Next is geared towards young adults but open to anyone. This year’s focus is understanding how Christ transforms the way we look at the world. The speaker line up includes D.A. Carson, R.C. Sproul, Jeff Purswell, Kevin DeYoung, Scott Oliphint, and Vern Poythress. They’ll be helping us grapple with how the Christian faith relates to reason, science, law, art, postmodernism, …

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“Only Jesus” Video From Next 2010

Last May I had the joy of leading worship in song at the Next conference along with three bands, including Generation Letter. One of the songs we sang, “Only Jesus,” was written by Doug Plank and based on a prayer in The Valley of Vision. I asked Doug what he was thinking when he wrote the song: I don’t think I’ve ever before (or likely will again) be so inspired by a mere two words in songwriting. While writing a song for the “Valley of Vision” project I stumbled on the poem, “The Life Look.” One particular line struck me: “May my cry be always, Only Jesus! Only Jesus!” Once those two words were located, it really was only a matter …

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Generation Letter Video – “King of Peace”

I was encouraged recently to hear that Worship Leader magazine had included Generation Letter’s song “King of Peace” on their recent Song Discovery CD. Each Song Discovery CD contains 12-15 congregational songs with  leads sheets and chord charts in 3 keys. Many are from well known bands and artists, but they often feature songs from lesser known musicians and local church projects as well. A great service to the church. The video above is Generation Letter leading King of Peace at this year’s Next Conference in Baltimore, MD (May 28-31). I led with them, along with Alli Gilland, who was filling in for Stephen Morgan on guitar. The members …

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"Jesus, Thank You" by Pat Sczebel

“Jesus, Thank You” by Pat Sczebel

Back in 2005 we produced an album called Worship God Live, a live album that featured Pat Sczebel and me each leading six songs. Pat serves as one of the pastors at Crossway Community Church, in Surrey, British Columbia. He’s been a dear friend for years. Pat inspires me in many ways. He’s one of the most encouraging guys I know. He’s a caring husband, a faithful dad, a diligent pastor, and he has a heart for the lost. But most of all, I’m affected by his genuine love for Jesus Christ. Through a variety of circumstances, in want and fruitfulness, Pat’s love for the Savior has produced encouragement, hope, and faith that affects everyone around …

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Song From NEXT2010 for Those Battling the Effects of Sin

Yesterday I posted a song I sang at the NEXT conference for those with disabilities. A week or so before the conference began, I had a growing sense that there would be people at the conference who would be encouraged by attending, but would be battling the effects of sexual sin – either condemnation for sin in the past, or struggles with sin in the present. A preoccupation with either could rob them from enjoying the fruit from the conference. As the conference went on, that sense grew stronger. As I prayed for those individuals, I again thought that the Lord might want to encourage them through a song. I could have simply shared my impression …

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Song for Those with Disabilities

The 16th chapter of my book, Worship Matters, is called “To Cherish God’s Presence.” I talk about how one of the effects of biblical corporate worship is a greater pursuit of God’s active presence. I wrote: For many years I’ve sung spontaneous songs during corporate worship that I believe are a form of prophecy. They’re similar to a spoken prophetic impression from the Lord, only they’re sung, they rhyme, and are often sung “from God to us.” I’ve never believed for a moment that the words I sing are “word for word” from the Lord. That’s called Scripture. But these songs seem to consistently communicate in verse the Lord’s …

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What Goes Into Putting a Conference Song List Together for Next2010?

Every time I lead the singing at a conference it’s a learning experience. This year’s NEXT conference was no different. In this post I want to share some of the thinking behind the songs we sang. NEXT is a conference geared towards younger singles and married couples, so the majority of people who attend are probably between 17 and 30. This was the 11th year of the conference and was similar to past years. There were six morning and evening sessions, starting Friday night, with an afternoon session added on Saturday. I co-led with three separate bands: the Na Band (three times), Zelos (twice), and Generation Letter (once). Saturday afternoon …

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Songlist from Next 2010

Got back yesterday from NEXT 2010. It was three and a half days of singing, preaching, and hanging out with about 2500 others who wanted to dig deeper into God and his Word. A powerful time. All the main session messages are available for download from the NEXT website. If you couldn’t make the conference, I’d encourage you to check them out. And if you did make it to NEXT, I’d download them to listen to them again. Josh Harris on foundations, Mark Dever on the work of Christ, Kevin DeYoung on Scripture and the Church, CJ Mahaney on sanctification, D.A. Carson on God, and Jeff Purswell on the end times. I’m posting the songs we sang at the …

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Winners of the Generation Letter Free Album Download

Thanks for the encouraging comments many of you left on my last post. I love to do what I can to support bands that are committed to theologically solid, gospel-centered modern worship songs. Sounds like a lot of you feel the same way. To pick the winners of the free album download I used a random number generator, knowing of course, that, “The lot is cast into the lap, but its every decision is  from the LORD” (Prov. 16:33). Here’s who won: Michael King Josh (your email contains three colors) Terry Stauffer Jeff (from Dundee Baptist) Jonathan Tim Visher Buddy Eades Jason Vaughn Chad Justin Perry Each of the individuals …

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Free Song (and maybe a free album) from Generation Letter

I have the joy of leading the singing at Next this coming weekend in Baltimore, MD. I’ll be leading with three bands – The Na Band, Zelos, and Generation Letter. The first two bands have appeared at Next before, but this will be the first time for Generation Letter. All the members of Generation Letter – John, Stephen, George, Kyle, Abbott, and Alex – are from Metro Life Church in Orlando, FL. Along with leading corporate worship in their local church, they’ve also been busy making a record, winning awards, and serving in other ways. In 2008 and 2009 they won the John Lennon Song Writing contest in the Gospel category. Local radio stations …

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