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Life has been wonderfully full lately. Got back late (read VERY late) Tuesday night from the New Attitude conference, where about 3200 singles and young married couples gathered to sing God’s praise, hear the Word of God preached, experience meaningful fellowship, and exhaust themselves doing it all. You can read more about it at the New Attitude site.

It was a real privilege to participate in the conference. My son, Devon, led the corporate worship with the Na Band. We sang a number of songs from their new CD, Looked Upon. One that seemed to have a significant impact was All I Have is Christ, written by my other son, Jordan, who plays drums for the Na Band. I’ll be posting some of the live tracks in the next few days.

I also enjoyed leading with Shai Linne, for one session, one of the pastors at Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia (very close to where I went to college). A humble man, committed to using his vocal gifts (both rapping and singing) to help people exalt the glory of God in Christ.

Since more than a few people have asked, here’s the list of songs we sang at New Attitude. when possible, I included a link to MP3s, lyrics, and/or charts.

Saturday PM – Josh Harris: A Right Response to God’s Word
All Because of Jesus – Steve Fee
Be Praised – Michael Gungor
Nail My Glory – Devon and Bob Kauflin (Isaac Watts)
Beautiful the Blood – Steve Fee
What a Savior – Devon Kauflin (Phillip Bliss)

Speak O Lord – Stuart Townend and Keith Getty

Sunday AM – Mark Dever: The Authority of Scripture
Be Praised
God Over All – Devon Kauflin
Happy Day – Tim Hughes and Ben Cantelon
My Lord I Did Not Choose You – Devon Kauflin (Josiah Conder)
Jesus Thank You – Pat Sczebel
All I Have is Christ – Jordan Kauflin
Speak O Lord

Sunday Afternoon – Al Mohler Q&A
The Glories of Calvary – Steve and Vikki Cook
Were You There – Shai Linne
Thank You for Saving Me – Martin Smith

Sunday PM – CJ Mahaney: The Troubled Soul: God’s Word and our Feelings
Nail My Glory
Ransomed – Jordan Kauflin
For the Cross – Matt Redman
How Deep the Father’s Love – Stuart Townend
Here is Love – rev. by Matt Redman (William Rees and William Williams)
The Power of the Cross – Stuart Townend and Keith Getty

All I Have is Christ
In the Shadow of the Cross – Paul Oakley
It is Well (a cappella)

Monday AM – Eric Simmons: Growing in our Vision for Diligent Study

You Are My King – Billy Foote
Come Thou Fount – Robert Robinson, alt. lyrics by Bob Kauflin
Happy Day
What a Savior
Jesus Paid it All – arr. Kristian Stanfill
Oh the Deep, Deep Love – Bob Kauflin
All I Have is Christ

Monday Afternoon – John Piper: William Tyndale
What a Savior
Grace Unmeasured – Bob Kauflin

Monday PM – John Piper: Fighting for Faith with God’s Word
Be Praised
God Over All
Let Your Kingdom Come – Bob Kauflin
How Firm a Foundation – “K” in John Rippon’s Hymns
All I Have is Christ
In Christ Alone – Stuart Townend and Keith Getty

Tuesday AM – CJ: Understanding the Doctrine of Adoption
Happy Day
Nail My Glory
Speak O Lord

My Lord I Did Not Choose You
How Deep the Father’s Love
All I Have is Christ

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7 Responses to Songs from New Attitude

  1. Aaron Wilson May 29, 2008 at 2:35 PM #

    The conference was great and these links are helpful. Thanks to all of you for serving us this past weekend.

  2. The Reformed Pastor May 29, 2008 at 2:36 PM #

    I really enjoyed the worship services we had a NA. Thanks to you, to the the musicians, and everybody else that was involved for leading us to the cross through song!

    I do have one question, are you going to post for download the song you felt lead to sing to those who were going through physical trials?

  3. Bob Kauflin May 29, 2008 at 2:59 PM #

    Reformed Pastor,

    Yep. I’ll be posting the spontaneous songs as well as some live clips tomorrow.

  4. susan hart May 29, 2008 at 4:26 PM #

    thank you to all you dear saints for your ministry to so many–even to those of us who couldn’t come this year, but have been listening to messages and reading the blog. may our good God refresh you all now.
    will there ever be a lead sheet for the song “all i have is Christ” for those of us who need to learn the melody?
    again, thank you for sharing your gifts with the Body.
    because of Him,

  5. Bob Kauflin May 29, 2008 at 4:39 PM #


    All the charts from Looked Upon are available for free at this page on the Sovereign Grace store. Thanks for your encouragement.

  6. Trent Broussard May 29, 2008 at 4:49 PM #

    I am grateful as well for the posting of messeges from Na. Our Youth Pastor just came back and was incredibly challenged in his walk with Christ. I am looking forward to Worship God 08 even more now.

  7. Aaron Wilson May 30, 2008 at 12:59 PM #

    Thanks for the conference, the music & the Christ-centered preaching, and thanks for the links to these songs/charts.

    Regarding the spontaneous song(s) – could you comment or perhaps designate a seperate post explaining the “prophetic song”. I thought the song was a sweet ministry to those under affliction & I thought you set it up well & carefully. However, those of us coming from a cessationist view would be interested in hearing you talk about this in more detail.

    Thanks again Bob – please pass along our gratitude to the Na band.

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