WorshipGod09 Worship Leader Pre-Conference Intensive Expanded

worshipgod09One feature we’ve added at WorshipGod09 this year are pre-conference intensives for vocalists, songwriters, and worship leaders/planners. They’ll take place on Wednesday, Aug. 5, 1:00-4:30. We wanted to offer something more hands-on and focused for those who were willing to pay a little more ($50) and come a little earlier.

Due to numerous requests, we’ve added thirty slots to the worship leader intensive, which I’ll be leading. I’ll be covering topics like 4 ways to view ourselves as leaders, heart issues, song progression, working with a team, and more.  If you’ve already signed up for the conference and saw that the intensive was full, you can email the conference via the WorshipGod09 website, and ask to be added to the intensive. You’ll also have to give us permission to charge your credit card.

Tomorrow I’ll give an update on how things are progressing for the conference. Looks like things are shaping up to be a great time.

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