Two Days Until WorshipGod West Rates Go Up

Maybe you’re thinking there’s plenty of time to register for WorshipGod2013. And there is. Kind of.

Registration for WorshipGod West doesn’t end until June 14. You can register for WorshipGod East all the way up until July 19.

But here’s a few reasons you might want to sign up soon.

1. People who sign up early get first choice for seminars.
Some of the seminars have capacity limitations. So bottom line, if you don’t sign up early you may not be able to go to the seminars you want.

2. Rates are going to go up.
For WorshipGod West rates go up on May 1. For WorshipGod East they increase June 1. I mean it’s fine if you want to pay $30 more to come to the conference. We’ll put it to good use.

3. One less thing to do.
You know too well how putting things off only adds anxiety to your life. Once you’ve registered you can turn your attention to all those other things that you’re not doing now.

4. More time to tell others that you’re going.
Conferences are best when you can share them with people you know and love. The sooner you sign up the easier it will be to invite others to join you for what is sure to be an exceptional time of equipping, encouragement, and encountering God in his people and his Word.

If you you need more reasons, check out my post on 12 reasons you should come to a WorshipGod conference.




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