And the Winners Are…

photoWG11-0306Earlier this week I offered the opportunity to win a free registration to WorshipGod West: Called to be Faithful.

Thanks to everyone who took time to comment on why you or someone you know should get a free registration. Got some great responses. Although I wanted to give a comp registration to everyone, I picked two based on the situation and two using a random number generator.

#1) Brian Ehline gets a free registration thanks to his friend, Jeff Seavey. Jeff wrote:

I would LOVE to send our worship leader, Brian Ehline. Brian has served us at LW for nearly 10 years without ever receiving a dime of compensation. Not only has Brian lovingly, willingly, joyfully and sacrificially served as our Lead Worshiper, but he has also currently serves the church as an elder\pastor. Brian works a full time + job, loves his family well and serves LW with his whole heart. He is a true Christian Hedonist and overflows with joy in all his service. His worship team consists of about 30 people (3-4 teams) which keep him very busy. Brian is married, has 4 children, one of whom was born with Multiple Sclerosis. Nathan is now 14 and loves Jesus and wants to be a worship leader like his dad one day. I hope you’ll choose Brian!! Thank you! Many Blessings!

Apparently, Jeff loses track of how many words he writes, but I’m not going to hold that against Brian. Brian exemplifies the kind of person that the conference is hoping to encourage. Someone who labors regularly, joyfully, and sacrificially to serve God’s church for the glory of the Savior.

#2) Janet’s husband will also be getting a free registration. She wrote:

My husband is a worship leader and drummer for our church in Orange county and I would love to surprise him with a ticket to this conference. I just know that he would learn a ton from this conference and be blessed as well. I also hope that he’d find encouragement from other worship leaders and musicians who will be attending the conference, as our church is small and he does not get much interaction with other Christian musicians.

Again, Janet’s husband, who I’m sure has a name, is the kind of person I think WorshipGod will greatly encourage.

The next two were picked “randomly.”

#3) Nina’s friend and her husband (in a slight change to the rules, they’re both getting a free registration):

My friend and her husband have sought to glorify God in everything they do and serve their church sacrificially in worship. Nothing brings them more joy than expressing their heart for Him in leadership and song writing.

#4) Matt Hoage (and yes, because I have a gift of mercy, Matt gets two comps as well):

I am one of the worship leaders at my church in Wisconsin, and the person before me went to WorshipGod 2006 and couldn’t stop talking about it. I’ve always wanted to go to one since, but it never worked out. It would be a great opportunity for my wife and I to go!

Someone will be contacting you with details on how to register for free. If you don’t hear from us in the next week, contact me.

If you didn’t win a free registration for you or your friend I hope you’ll still consider joining us. After all, with Kevin DeYoung, Enfield, Don Whitney, Craig Cabaniss, Matt Papa, West Coast Revival, Steve & Vikki Cook, and a few others,  I’m expecting we’re going to have a great time singing our hearts out, exalting Christ, hearing great teaching, and being equipped to be faithful.

Also, I’ll be offering some free registrations to WorshipGod East in a month or so. Keep your eyes open.


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  1. Jeffrey Seavey May 25, 2013 at 9:25 PM #

    Thank you sooo much Bob!! Brian is overwhelmed and so excited and is hoping to bring his wife along with him too. They are such a blessing to us and I can’t thank you enough for picking him. He actually found out he won before I did… and I never even told him that I entered him. Another worship pastor saw his name and congratulated him by posting it on FaceBook. That’s how he found out! Lol!! And everyone at Living Water is cracking up at your comment Bob… “Apparently, Jeff loses track of how many words he writes”. They all know their pastor well and this is just par for the course! I actually knew exactly how many words I sent… and just sent it anyway hoping for a little mercy. And I got it. Thank you Lord!!! …and thank you Bob.


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