And Here’s Who Gets a Free Registration to WorshipGod East

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

I really don’t know why I keep doing these WorshipGod registration giveaways. I read through the comments and just want to give everyone a free registration.

Unfortunately I can’t.

Thanks to everyone who commented, especially those of you who just wanted to bless someone else.

As promised, I picked 2 winners based on content (although I could have picked a dozen more) and picked 2 using a random number generator. Which of course really isn’t random because God controls it (Prov. 16:33).

So here is who’s going to WorshipGod East for free:

1. Nick, who wrote:

For Christmas, I asked extended family for the money to buy my wife and I tickets to Worship God East. But before tickets went on sale, we had several emergencies (flat tire, broken washer, broken water heater) that took the money. Been praying for a way to get to W.G.East.

Nick, I’m giving you a registration for your wife as well. So sorry about the auto and house repairs. You didn’t know that God would enable you to attend WorshipGod East, but he did.

2. Kelly, who wrote:

My husband recently started as full-time music minister. I joyfully get to serve as worship pianist. We have often talked about the desire to attend this conference! In fostering 7 kids this past year, we would also love the time of refreshment with worship & Christ focus.

Kelly, I’m giving you two comp registrations as well. Seven foster kids, even over a year’s time, definitely merits some time away.

And these two were picked at random:

3. Heidi (comment #9)

What an awesome opportunity. My husband and I help with the music and worship at our church and youth group. I would be honored to attend something like this! God bless!

4. Craig (comment #46)

I am a newly engaged music minister, and would be so blessed to have my fiance attend WorshipGod with me. Money is tight, but it would be such a blessing for her to come and be equipped and encouraged as she prepares to join with me in both my life and ministry.

We’ll be emailing each of the winners to let you know how to register for free.

And for the rest of you, I pray that God provides the resources for you to join us! Online registration for WorshipGod East closes July 19.

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  1. Kelly July 13, 2013 at 12:49 PM #

    So, so grateful & thankful! Thank you so much, especially for the extra generosity in extending 2 passes for us. We can’t wait to attend!

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