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A New Soundtrack for the Psalms

A few weeks ago I came across an album called Psalm Songs, Vol. 1, put out by The Corner Room, aka Adam Wright. I hear hundreds of albums each year and when one stands out, it’s obvious. Psalm Songs stands out. These aren’t congregational songs, but Scripture songs, word for word from the English Standard Version. It’s really difficult to set longer Biblical passages to music without making it sound forced and un-musical. Adam and friends overcame those obstacles. Combining elements of bluegrass, new country, pop music, and folk, these songs are musically fresh, skillfully played, and a joy to listen to. After listening to the …

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Scripture Memory Songs from Galatians and Philippians

A few years ago my church was teaching through the books of Galatians and Philippians and we wanted to help people memorize a number of the verses. We invited the members of the church to contribute original songs and ended up setting about 1/3 of each book to music. They were low-budget projects, but even to this day when I read those verses I hear melodies running through my mind. The Philippians and Galatians songs can be accessed here. Another great resource for Scripture memory songs is the Hide the Word albums produced and written by my good friend, Mark Altrogge. You can check them out over at his site, Forever Grateful Music. …

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