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Worship Matters — the Book — is Released

Crossway is now shipping copies of my book Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God. The first review I’ve seen is over at They got the title wrong, but hey, it’s a very kind review. Here’s a portion of what they wrote: Biblically based and contemporaneous in setting, Worship Matters is a book we believe worship leaders will find both encouraging and challenging. Consider giving a copy to your worship team, pastor, and worship leader. This one is a definite must read. You’ll have to determine that for yourself. In the mean time, I’d appreciate your prayers that God would use this book to …

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RSS Update (especially if you get Worship Matters by e-mail)

We interrupt our irregularly scheduled blogging to bring you an announcement. RSS Update isn’t the most intriguing title, but this is an important post if you get Worship Matters by e-mail. Until recently you could receive Worship Matters in your Inbox through a service called Feedblitz. Someone informed me of an inappropriate ad that accompanied one of my posts, so I upgraded to a paid subscription. At the same time I changed my e-mail RSS feed to Feedburner, which has no ads and also looks better. So in a couple months I’m going to stop the Feedblitz feed. What does this mean for you? If you receive Worship Matters through the Feedblitz …

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WorshipGod08 Registration Rates About to Go Up

If you’re thinking about attending the WorshipGod08 Conference: Rediscovering the Psalms, you might want to make a decision soon. On April 1, the rates for students, individuals, and groups all go up $25. If you have any questions, most of them are probably answered at the WorshipGod08 Website. But feel free to ask questions here as well.

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There Still is Room – Brian Oaks CD, Only $5

I have a friend, Brian Oaks, whom I’ve only met by e-mail. He’s a guitarist now living in Nashville who made an indie CD a while back called There Still is Room. It’s a collection of redone hymns that I’ve really enjoyed. Great lyrics, nice guitar work and vocals. Brian was asking me what to do with the CDs sitting around in his house and I suggested that he offer them at a discount and I’d let people know about it. So he’s offering his CD for 5 bucks, including domestic shipping. These are the songs: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing My Faith Has Found a Resting Place The Savior Calls At the Name of Jesus Nothing but the Blood Great …

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Come Weary Saints CD Almost Ready

Next month we’ll be releasing our next CD, Come Weary Saints. The project is an invitation to each of us, whatever season we find ourselves in, to redirect our focus to the God whose love has been forever demonstrated at the cross of Calvary. Whether you’re going through trials or know someone who is, these songs are a reminder of the Father’s sovereign, loving care. Contributing song writers include myself along with Mark Altrogge, Steve and Vikki Cook, Pete Gagnon, Todd Twining, Joel Sczebel, and Stephen Altrogge. Ryan Baird, from Sovereign Grace Church of Pasadena, CA sang half the tracks. He was joined by Kyle Davis, who has sung on other …

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Winner of the Most Embarrassing Moment Contest

Last week I offered a free registration to the WorshipGod08 conference for the person who had the funniest story from a time they led corporate worship. There were some great contributions. Reading them made me freshly aware that God does indeed use the foolish and the weak to accomplish his purposes (1 Cor. 1:27). Contributions included playing an entire song in the wrong key, encouraging the members of the congregation to turn to each other and say, “How great thou art,” falling over as a result of a leg falling asleep, burping, confusing being prostrate before the Lord with being prostate, starting the wrong song, and more. Two had to do …

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Cheap CDs

In case you didn’t know, the Sovereign Grace sale on CDs and books continues. Through March we’re selling all Sovereign Grace CDs for the ridiculously low price of $6. You can download them for the same $6. Accompaniment CDs are going for $6, too. In addition our Pursuit of Godliness books are going for $5. Our printed music is really cheap, too. Our two volume songbook set is going for $40, all piano scores are a buck, and piano score sets from a CD are $6. And there’s free shipping in the U.S. for everything. I explain why we’re doing this in a previous post. …

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Win a Free Registration to WorshipGod08

We’re in the midst of planning for WorshipGod08: Rediscovering the Psalms. Registration has been moving along, but we’re still four and a half months away from the conference. If you’re planning on coming, I wanted to remind you that registration rates go up $25 each on April 1, and again on July 1. But here’s a way you can come for free. We’re giving away a free registration to the person who sends in the best answer to this question: What is the most awkward/embarrassing moment you’ve ever experienced as a worship leader or part of a team? Here are the guidelines: Answers have to be 150 words or less. Really. Your answer must be something …

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Sunday Morning Video #3

The past two days I’ve posted videos from a recent Sunday morning at Covenant Life. The first one is here, the second one is here. These aren’t examples of someone doing everything right. Hardly. They just contain examples of a lot of the things I’ve written about at Worship Matters. Today I’m posting an example of spontaneity. Being “reformed charismatics,” we value the sufficiency, authority, and inerrancy of Scripture as well as the active presence of the Holy Spirit through the spiritual gifts mentioned in 1 Cor. 14 and elsewhere. During the fourth song that Sunday, Lost in Wonder, two pastors came up and shared prophetic impressions from …

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Sunday Morning Video #2

Yesterday I posted a video of something I shared on a recent Sunday morning as I was leading. It was the introduction to the song “Come Christians Join to Sing.” It’s a traditional hymn that we’ve updated musically and lyrically. Kevin Hartnett, a member of my church, wrote a third verse that highlights the main reason we can sing — Jesus has died for our sins in our place and risen from the dead. Here’s the verse he added: Come praise the risen Lamb, Alleluia! Amen! He died to ransom man Alleluia! Amen! On that triumphant day He took our sins away! Death could not bid him stay Alleluia! Amen! You can download a copy of the guitar chart …

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Sunday Morning Video #1

For today and the next two days I’m going to be posting some videos from a recent Sunday morning at my home church. I know that sharing principles is different from actually seeing what takes place, and a number of people told me how helpful it was the last time I posted the audio from one of our Sunday meetings. The order of songs that morning was: How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin) Haven’t You Been Good (Steve Earl) Come Christians Join to Sing (Trad. hymn, vs. 3 by Kevin Hartnett) Lost in Wonder (Martyn Layzell) Speak O Lord (Keith Getty & Stuart Townend) We sang the first two songs as a medley. We had to do the first …

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