The Gathering is Coming to Southern California Jan. 28

This past August we recorded The Gathering: Live from WorshipGod11. It’s a collection of 15 songs that progressively tell the story of the gospel and our response to it. From my perspective, it’s one of the best albums we’ve done to date, both in terms of song content and creative musicianship.

I’m happy to announce that we’ll be doing it all over again (at least singing the songs) in Orange County, CA on Saturday, January 28.

A few of my good friends from California (Ryan and Jonathan Baird, and Eric Turbedsky, pastor of Sovereign Grace Church Orange County) emailed me about putting together an event that combined teaching in the afternoon with an evening of singing through the songs on The Gathering. I thought was a great idea. So we started planning.

Eric Turbedsky put together a cool website that gives you all the info, but here are the basics.

1 PM I’ll be teaching a general session on Why Gospel-Centered Meetings. I’ll share thoughts on why who Jesus is and what he has accomplished should inform not only our songs but everything we do when we gather.
2:15 PM You can pick from 3 seminars – Why Do We Sing? (me), Glad to be a Doorkeeper (Pat Sczebel), and a Band Workshop 1 (led by musicians from Enfield and Sovereign Grace).
3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Pick from 3 more seminars – Making Room for the Spirit’s Leading (Pat Sczebel), Gathering to Edify (me), and Band Workshop 2 (class participation).
5:15 PM Break for dinner
7:30 PM We’ll be singing the songs from The Gathering album, interspersed with prayer, Scripture, and exhortation. Come expecting Jesus to become more glorious in your mind and heart.

The entire event is only $20 and will take place at Calvary Baptist Church in Huntington Beach, CA.

You can get more info, watch some videos, and register at the conference website. Would love to see more of my West Coast friends there.

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  1. Carri January 11, 2012 at 11:11 PM #

    Oh thank you for coming to OC! I’ll be there! I’m going to advertise this on my facebook as well. Hope you guys get more signups.

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