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Our Only Hope is You – The Acoustic Sessions

Every time Sovereign Grace Music releases an album we bump up against the competing values of seeking to create fresh sounds and arrangements and recording something that a group of musicians in a small church can pull off. Our most recent album, Grace Has Come, was no exception. One song in particular that received a more dramatic production was “Our Only Hope is You,” by Neil and Kate DeGraide. It opens with a beautiful piano riff (played by Neil), and includes an orchestral cello part and a passionate lead vocal by Kate. The song is full of the angst of living with a hope that is not yet seen, but a hope in which we are fully confident. But …

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Grace Has Come – So Has Our New Album

I’m overjoyed to report that last week (Aug. 1) we released Grace Has Come: Songs from the Book of Romans. I knew when we started this project that it would be a daunting task. It was. There just isn’t any way of adequately communicating the glorious truths in the book of Romans. But we had to try. I thank God that a lot of great songs for congregational worship have been written recently, like Not in Me and Man of Sorrows. More people are trying to write songs that are theologically driven, gospel aware, fresh, and singable. With Grace Has Come we let a book of the Bible drive the whole album. This is by no means an exhaustive musical …

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Grace Has Come Preview Event in Louisville

We’ve been having a blast getting ready for WorshipGod East: Called to Be Faithful, which officially starts next Thursday morning, Aug. 1. I say “officially” because we have pre-conference intensives for drummers, keyboardists, guitar players, and choir members the day before. Online registration is closed, but you’ll be able to get passes for the whole conference, a day, or a session at the door. I’m happy to report that we just added another event and it’s free. On July 31, Wednesday night, 8 PM, at Highview Baptist East Campus, my son, Devon, will be leading a band that will be playing most of the songs from our new album, Grace Has Come: …

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Reflections on Rezolution 2013

Last week, I traveled to South Africa for the first time and had the great joy of participating in Rezolution 2013, a series of conferences that took place in Johannesburg, Durban, and Capetown. I was there with 5 other guys from the States, CJ Mahaney, Ligon Duncan, Kevin DeYoung, Mark Dever, and Brad Wheeler. The event was led primarily by Tim Cantrell and Al Schuster from Antioch Church in Midrand, although a number of other pastors and churches were involved as well. I participated in a pastors’ conference in Capetown on Monday and Tuesday, another pastors’ conference in Johannesburg on Wednesday and Thursday, and the Rezolution 2013 conference …

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12 Reasons to Come to WorshipGod This Year

Do we really need one more worship conference? That’s the question I ask myself every other year as I start planning for the next WorshipGod conference. And since WorshipGod2013: Called to be Faithful is on the calendar twice in 2013, my answer to the question is obviously yes. WorshipGod West is less than three months away and will be June 27-29 in Orange County, CA. WorshipGod East is a little under 5 months away and will be here in Louisville, July 31-Aug. 3. I did a post in January describing why I chose this conference theme. Basically, I hope to accomplish two goals. First, I want to encourage, equip, and inspire the leaders and churches …

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El Dios Que Adoramos – Our Latest Release

If you don’t speak Spanish, you might not be interested in our latest release, El Dios Que Adoramos (The God We Worship). But then again, it might not make any difference. It’s that good. The album came about as a result of our relationship with Miguel Nunez, pastor of  Iglesia Bautista Internacional (IBI) and host of the Por Su Causa conference. For the past few years Miguel has been a dear friend and supporter of Sovereign Grace Ministries and Sovereign Grace Music. His church has been translating and singing our songs for a while now, and musicians from his church have attended the WorshipGod conference. They’ve also been a great …

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Getting Ready for WorshipGod East and West

The past few weeks I’ve been at work preparing for WorshipGod East and WorshipGod West. I’m excited for the way things are coming together and wanted to let you know what’s going on, since we don’t expect to have the website up until Feb. 1 and people have been asking for details. WorshipGod West will be held June 27-29 at Calvary Church, Santa Ana, CA. The folks at Calvary have enthusiastically welcomed us and we can’t wait to hold the conference there. WorshipGod East is going to be Aug. 1-3 at Highview Baptist Church East, Louisville, KY. They have also been extremely gracious and kind. For the East conference I’m working on offering some …

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All That Thrills My Soul – New EP from Sovereign Grace Music

This Tuesday Sovereign Grace Music released our latest project, All That Thrills My Soul, a 6 song downloadable EP featuring Ryan, Jonathan, and Meghan Baird. Add Zach Boomsma to the mix and you get West Coast Revival. For years Ryan, Jonathan, and Meghan have been contributing to Sovereign Grace music as vocalists, songwriters, and instrumentalists. Their songs include Always Forgiven, The Prodigal, Completely Done, and most recently Behold our God. For a while now we’ve been talking about the Bairds working on a project that captured more of their unique influences and sound. I’d describe it as a rootsy, sometimes bluesy, form …

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T4G Live II

Together for the Gospel Live II Now Available

Today is the official release date for Together for the Gospel Live II, the follow-up album to Together for the Gospel Live that came out in 2008. This new album contains 16 hymns, old and new, that we sang at the 2010 and 2012 Together for the Gospel conference in Louisville, KY. Together for the Gospel emerged out of the relationships between four men: Mark Dever, Al Mohler, Ligon Duncan, and C.J. Mahaney. They found their experience of fellowship in and around the gospel so rich and encouraging they wanted to share it with others. So every other year, along with a few other speakers, they gather with thousands of mostly pastors, and seek …

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WorshipGod 2013 Update

I’ve been receiving an increasing number of questions about WorshipGod13. Are we having one? Where will it be? Are you still alive? Yes to questions 1 and 3. And here’s the scoop on question two. The big news is that we’re actually planning not one, but TWO WorshipGod events in 2013. June 27-29, 2013 we’re hoping to hold a conference in Orange County, CA. For years individuals and teams have traveled across the country to attend WorshipGod in Maryland. I’ve been amazed and humbled by their commitment. But we’re finally holding a conference in a location nearer to where they live. Eric Turbedsky, pastor of Sovereign Grace Church OC, has graciously …

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Eres Dios – Our New Spanish Album

For over 25 years, Sovereign Grace Music has been producing albums primarily for English speaking churches. But in his kindness, God has allowed us to serve Hispanic congregations as well. For decades, members of our church in Juarez, Iglesia Gracia Soberana de Cd. Juárez, led by Carlos Contreras, have played a primary role. We’re deeply indebted to them, and especially Roxana Munoz, for joyfully and faithfully translating our songs into Spanish. We recorded a number of those translations on our first Spanish project, Sea la Gloria solo a Ti. Two years ago we produced our second Spanish album, this time made up entirely of new songs. Mauricio …

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Por Su Causa Header

What’s on Tap from Sovereign Grace Music

Sovereign Grace Music exists to provide Christ exalting songs and training for local churches. I thank God for the many people who regularly let me know how God is using our songs to do just that. Since moving to Louisville, KY in June, I’ve been asked if Sovereign Grace Music is taking a break. Well, not exactly. Steve Cook, who heads up our album production, moved to Louisville a couple weeks ago, but he’s been traveling back to Gaithersburg to finish up some projects as we’re getting ready for new ones. Here’s what we’re currently working on: From Age to Age – In case you missed it, our last album (released in April) was From …

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Moving to Louisville

In a little under two weeks my family and I will be moving to Louisville, KY. After thirty years of being in Gaithersburg, MD, Sovereign Grace Ministries, the family of churches that I serve, is relocating its offices. I’ve been here since 1997, so it’s understandably a bittersweet departure. But I’m filled with faith for what God has planned for the future. The Lord has been kind to us in Gaithersburg. We’ve been able to co-labor with Covenant Life Church to put on conferences of all types (including WorshipGod), host the Sovereign Grace Pastors College, and serve other Sovereign Grace churches in our region. But a potential move has …

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One More Reason We Make Kids’ Albums

Every so often I’ll run into someone who reminds me that long after we record an album, God continues to use it in people’s lives. In late January, I was in Orange County, CA for a Gathering event. On Sunday morning I spoke at the Sovereign Grace Church of Orange County, led by Eric Turbedsky. It was there I met David and Laura. They shared their story with me and I was so affected that I asked them to send it to me. Here’s what they wrote: We have been blessed with not only a daughter, but God in the last two and a half years has blessed us with four more little ones. These children belonged to my wife’s niece, but because of her constant …

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New From Sovereign Grace Music – From Age to Age

After hundreds of hours of preparation, our newest album, From Age to Age, is finally available. It’s a collection of 14 songs (15 if you count the instrumental prelude), that were inspired by or drawn from the great hymn writers of the past. Here’s how we described the album in the liner notes: How does one define a hymn? It’s hard to say, but most hymns are characterized by theologically rich lyrics, symmetrical rhythmic patterns in the verse lyrics, and a tune that congregations find easy to sing. At the heart of hymn-writing is a desire to create a song that will endure for generations. Inspired by the hymn writers of the past, …

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